Update Appendix B based on input from Dave Anderson.
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2014-06-15 Ron BrenderMerge branch 'HEAD' of dwarfgit@dwarfstd.org:dwarf...
2014-06-15 David Andersontools/refer.py
2014-06-14 David Andersontools/fileio.py was not tokenizing
2014-06-14 David Andersontools:
2014-04-17 Ron BrenderIncorporate changes through March 2014, except for
2014-04-14 Ron BrenderMerge branch 'HEAD' of dwarfgit@dwarfstd.org:dwarf...
2014-02-27 David Andersontools/README: Documented refer.py and repeats.py
2014-02-23 David Andersontools/README: Added another quick check that finds
2014-02-23 David Andersontools/README: Finishing up the repeats commentary.
2014-02-23 David AndersonAdding a new command to look for accidental
2014-02-22 David Andersontools/refer.py: Now seems to work finding problems.
2014-02-21 David Andersonrefer.py: New app, close to working. To identify
2014-02-20 David AndersonREADME: Added example shell code using pdftotext and...
2014-02-19 David Andersontools/README: Documented what each .py file does.
2013-10-29 Ron BrenderSigned-off-by: Ron Brender <ron.brender@gmail.com>
2013-10-08 David AndersonFound a bug in the python dellivelink.py and fixed...
2013-10-08 David AndersonWhen a label has a digit in it dellivelink.py notices
2013-10-06 David AndersonSeemingly dellivelink.py works properly now, though
2013-10-06 David AndersonNow tools/dellivelink.py deals with altt
2013-10-05 David AndersonRemoved the debug print statements from
2013-10-05 David AndersonThis python dellivelink.py removes \livelink and \livetarg
2013-05-04 David Andersondataobject.tex had 2 instances of utf8 remaining due
2013-05-03 David AndersonNew script removehyphen.py fixes up the use of \-
2013-02-01 David AndersonThis shell script charfix.sh is good for the one-time
2013-01-31 David AndersonJust fixing charfix.sh to be easier to do in stages.
2012-12-06 David AndersonAdding to the tools, in the tools directory.
2012-09-19 David AndersonThis shortens the often-long line of ....
2012-06-17 David Andersondw4index.txt is a text representation of the DWARF4...
2012-06-04 David AndersonUpdate the comments at the head of various .py files
2012-06-04 David AndersonAdds more tests to uses.py (and updates tests results),
2012-06-04 David AndersonNow uses.py reports on all unused link targets
2012-06-03 David AndersonUses.py found a couple duplicated targets, I fixed...
2012-06-03 David AndersonNow uses.py works much better, and the test cases are...
2012-06-03 David AndersonNow uses.py properly reads in tex (for its purposes)
2012-06-03 David AndersonThe new uses.py tool is the first stage of looking for
2012-05-31 David AndersonAdded comments on the use of anylink.py and added
2012-05-31 David AndersonNow we can fix up links in groups if we wish. Or all...
2012-05-31 David AndersonCreated formlink.py and test code.
2012-05-31 David AndersonIn a few places in the compression appendix there was a :
2012-05-31 David AndersonNow unified the actual code for introducing livelink
2012-05-31 David AndersonUsing tohyphen.py, change all the DW_* entries to allow
2012-05-31 David AndersonCreated tohypyen.py to clean up all DW_* entries
2012-05-31 David AndersonAdded tools/printstandard.py and some regression tests.
2012-05-30 David AndersonThe new taglink.py app created links from all uses...
2012-05-29 David Andersonrefclassfixup.py fixes up some class references.
2012-05-29 David Andersonrefclassfixup.py will find uses of the class terms
2012-05-29 David AndersonAn initial set of text tools to help with