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2014-06-14 David Andersontools:
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2014-02-23 David Andersontools/README: Finishing up the repeats commentary.
2014-02-23 David AndersonAdding a new command to look for accidental
2014-02-22 David AndersonTo get to work at all these 3 .tex changes
2014-02-22 David Andersontools/ Now seems to work finding problems.
2014-02-21 David New app, close to working. To identify
2014-02-20 David Andersonexamples.tex
2014-02-20 David Andersondatarepresentation.tex
2014-02-20 David Andersonprogramscope.tex
2014-02-20 David AndersonREADME: Added example shell code using pdftotext and...
2014-02-20 David Andersondebugsectionrelationships.tex:
2014-02-20 David Andersongeneraldescription.tex fix spelling: perfom -> perform
2014-02-20 David Andersonotherdebugginginformation.tex: spelling correction.
2014-02-19 David Andersontools/README: Documented what each .py file does.
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2013-10-29 Ron BrenderSigned-off-by: Ron Brender <>
2013-10-11 Ron BrenderFixup several missing DWnameTARG issues.
2013-10-10 Ron BrenderCompleted integration and use of new name commands...
2013-10-08 David AndersonTwo additional typos in dwarfnamecmds.tex fixed.
2013-10-08 David AndersonFound a bug in the python and fixed...
2013-10-08 David AndersonFound 6 small and obvious typos/omissions in dwarfnames...
2013-10-08 David AndersonWhen a label has a digit in it notices
2013-10-08 David AndersonSome obvious small fixes to dwarfnamecmds.tex are neede...
2013-10-06 David AndersonSeemingly works properly now, though
2013-10-06 David AndersonTwo lines in dwarfnamecmds.tex had typos. Fixed.
2013-10-06 David AndersonNow tools/ deals with altt
2013-10-05 David AndersonRemoved the debug print statements from
2013-10-05 David AndersonThis python removes \livelink and \livetarg
2013-10-04 Ron BrenderFilled out dwarfnamecmds.tex with the full set of Dwarf...
2013-09-30 Ron BrenderIntroduce \newdwfnamecommands command that defines...
2013-09-27 Ron BrenderEditorial cleanups mostly related to coarrays and assum...
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2013-09-26 Ron BrenderPrepare for merge...
2013-09-23 Adrian PrantlIncorporate Issue 130313.5, Add support for Fortran...
2013-09-23 Adrian PrantlAdded a make check target to list missing references.
2013-06-22 Ron BrenderFirst draft of Version 5, incorporating numerous approv...
2013-05-28 David Andersondwarf5.tex : Minor change removes an hbox overfull
2013-05-19 Ron BrenderA few miscelleaneous corrections including especially... V5.Basis
2013-05-10 Ron BrenderComplete work on live links, cleanup some indexing...
2013-05-09 Ron BrenderThis completes (many!) changes resulting from reviews...
2013-05-04 David Andersondataobject.tex had 2 instances of utf8 remaining due
2013-05-04 David AndersonUsing in tools to do
2013-05-03 David AndersonNew script fixes up the use of \-
2013-05-02 Ron BrenderMany small updates/corrections in responce to Committee...
2013-04-25 Ron Brender1) Change to T1 (instead of OT1) font encoding
2013-04-19 Ron BrenderThis is the first pass of incorporating review commment...
2013-02-10 Ron BrenderFinal cleanups before group review. Only Appendix B...
2013-02-08 Ron BrenderTweak sytle of numbered keyword lists to match that...
2013-02-03 Ron BrenderMore pagination cleanups using \needspace and \needlines.
2013-02-02 Ron BrenderTry out newly discovered needspace package; it is wonde...
2013-02-01 David Andersondatarepresentation.tex had a utf8 bullet character
2013-02-01 David AndersonRemoves the utf-8 strings from the .tex files and
2013-02-01 David AndersonThis shell script is good for the one-time
2013-01-31 David AndersonJust fixing to be easier to do in stages.
2013-01-31 Ron BrenderComplete figure to table conversion; other cleanups
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2013-01-28 Ron BrenderChange many figures to tables, lots of other fixes
2013-01-20 Ron Brenderconvert sections back to figures in App D and E
2013-01-01 Jason MolendaAdd Mac OS X instructions for building a PDF.
2012-12-20 Ron BrenderMisc corrections in App B through end
2012-12-20 Ron BrenderMisc corrections Chpt 6 thru App A
2012-12-18 Ron BrenderMisc corrections up thru Chpt 5
2012-12-17 Ron BrenderIndex entries for u (you) and other details
2012-12-07 David AndersonThese had a handful of spelling errors. None
2012-12-06 David AndersonAdding to the tools, in the tools directory.
2012-12-06 David AndersonFixing 5 instances of \addtoindex[x] missing its leadin...
2012-12-05 David AndersonRemoving the small traces of DWARF5 from introduction...
2012-12-04 David AndersonIndexing letter 't' is complete in this change.
2012-12-03 David AndersonIndexing letter 's'.
2012-12-01 David AndersonIndexing o p q(none present) and r.
2012-11-29 David AndersonIndexing m and n complete.
2012-11-27 David AndersonIndexing l (letter ell).
2012-11-23 David AndersonIndexing i and j is done.
2012-11-21 David AndersonThis indexes letters f, g, and h.